LVI signs1 445 hectares under sectoral contracts

Pierre Jean Larraqué

To secure its supplies and continue its development, Larraqué Vins International has signed sectoral contracts with 8 structures of Bordeaux, Pays d’Oc and Provence vineyards. These 3-year contracts reinforce the upstream owned by the LVI group. Thus, no less than 1,445 hectares of additional vineyards are added to the lands owned by LVI, which now controls 1,664 hectares of vines.

“Each contract has its own strategy, with detailed specifications. LVI teams act very early on, before the harvest, to obtain the best product profile. Our desire to commit to long-term volumes gives the various partner structures an important vision and allows them to anticipate the development of their turnover in order to plan their strategy and possible investments. ”

Pierre Jean Larraqué, Président of LVI group.