La Cave de Jonas, a lasting partnership with various appellations.


Since many years, the Cave de Jonas is highlighting the richness and consistent quality of the French terroir by defending exceptional wines and spirits. Their concept focuses on three points (the fruit, the lightness and the power) in order to offer a multi-sensory experience in response to the consumer’s desires.



Each month, the Cave de Jonas puts forward about fifteen favorite bottles focusing their choice on the quality/price/pleasure ratio. Last month was dedicated to the French wine couple, Pierre Jean Larraqué and Nathalie Haussmann with bottles of Haussmann Baron Eugène’s range and also châteaux le Virou, château Barre Gentillot and château Vernous.

On a daily basis, Larraqué Vins International stands out as The alternative. The Control of the upstream and the distribution ensures stable prices on our markets for the end consumer. Thanks to this trust and our long-term commitment we sustain and develop our relationships with our partners.