Our expertise

Larraqué Vins International

The Vineyard division

Pierre Jean Larraqué owns four vineyards: Château Vernous (Médoc cru Bourgeois), Château Le Virou (Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux), Château Barre Gentillot (Graves de Vayres) and Château Senau (Graves de Vayres), amounting to 219 hectares of vines. Each vineyard cultivates its own unique character while sharing the same quest for Excellence with the other Vignobles Pierre Jean Larraqué estates.

We have to pay special attention to each vineyard in order to reflect the diversity of terroirs.

Each manager channels expertise to the estate in their charge.

Our expert:
David Caillau – Vineyard Manager

The environmental division

Developing HEV 3 (High Environmental Value) certification, restoring heritage, preserving fauna and flora, etc. All these environmental challenges are the everyday work of this division. The group’s growth thus forms part of a sustainable dynamic based on respect for mankind and nature.

Our expert:
Simon Larraqué – Environmental project manager

The supply division

To promote sustainable development and manage upstream operations, we have invested in and committed to sector agreements. These agreements currently bring together 1445 hectares of partner vineyards. They were introduced by winegrowers in the Pays d’Oc, Provence, Bordeaux and the Médoc.

Our experts :

Yvan Foury – wine purshasing manager
Esther Guérard – Dry material purshasing manager

The quality division

Throughout the year we chart the different phases in the elaboration of our wines in order to be able to offer consumers the best value for money. Specifications for vineyards, vinification, ageing, bottling, ensure constant, optimal and safe quality for the product to satisfy the demands of our clients on all markets.

Our expert :
Philippe Bappel – Quality Manager

The sales division

30 sales agents on dedicated circuits,
a sales administrative team of 7.

On a national level, with a sales team of 14 working under a sales manager, 3 regional managers and 2 commercial managers, we are in close contact with our clients. Thanks to a national network, we are in a position to ensure local commercial support on a daily basis.

HORECA distribution and our export team (1 export manager and 5 zone managers) work in synergy each year to perpetuate our commercial relations and the presence of our ranges on all circuits.

Internally, a sales administration team with a staff of 7 maintains daily contact with our clients and manages their orders.

Our experts :
Thomas Gatuingt – Commercial Manager for France 
Thibault De Fleurian – Commercial Manager for Export
Lequn Lin – Commercial Manager for China
Olivier Grangeret – E-commerce Manager for LVI WINES

The Finance division

A team of experts act as constant monitors. They study all the group’s ratios, both upstream and downstream, and mobilise the finances required to improve our performance and the growth of the group.

Our expert :
Dominique Block – Administrative and Financial Manager

The logistics & production division

Confident in their organisation and faultless reactivity, our logistics and production teams in a 12,000 square metre warehouse in Saint-André de Cubzac provide servie of impeccable quality on an everyday basis.

Our expert :
Frédéric Valentini – Logistics et Production Manager

The Marketing division

A multi-skilled team comprising market-oriented product managers, a communication manager and a Digital and Grapical Creation division, monitor the development of a competitive wine offer that creates values and distinction, and its promotion with consumers, sales staff, purchasers and prescribers.

Our expert :
Marjorie Dabrin – Marketing Manager